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LED Display to the MAX, by RMG

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RMG MAX logo

With their MAX range, RMG offers turnkey LED display system solutions to master a variety of data and content visualization challenges within a range of markets and industries.

Designed for fixed installation projects, many of their MAX displays are used in mainstream outdoor advertising on building facades, shopping centers, transport hubs, sports stadiums, event areas, and other.


These mesh panels are for applications where configuration flexibility is required.

It’s efficiently-designed angling system allows for displays that can be set up uniquely, in either a curve or full circle, and in either horizontal or vertical orientation.

With a variety of indoor and outdoor displays, MAX screens are customizable with no size or shape restrictions.

LED panels are known to be one of the most energy efficient alternatives for the best in color accuracy, refresh rates, and contrast ratios available among digital signage solutions, especially for large format displays.

RMG  MAX Signage

Despite their brightness (nits: 12k-14k), RMG’s MAX LED panels are no exception and provide a low energy footprint.

A front serviceable design allows for internal access.

Test results, say RMG, suggest their LED products should have a projected lifespan of up to 100,000 hours. Long live MAX.

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