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Kramer Acquires iRule LLC

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Kramer Electronics acquires iRule, LLC, a cloud-based control and automation software for commercial and residential markets.

Kramer already had a partnership with iRule (begun in 2014) to deliver Kramer Control. That led to this acquisition that will let Kramer fully leverage the iRule software platform to address a growing demand for advanced control and automation solutions.

The Kramer Control platform enables integrators to deliver control of lighting, HVAC, communications, AV and more—for commercial control and automation markets, such as corporate environments, houses of worship, higher education, bars/restaurants and others.

The platform’s combination of software, hardware and cloud is the result of years of research and development, an effort that received funding from the prestigious Israel-United States Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation. The BIRD Foundation recognized the platform’s high level of innovation and contribution to the IoT field.

Kramer Control

"We are pleased to solidify our partnership with iRule and to further strengthen Kramer’s presence in room automation, control and management solutions. Kramer Control is a major breakthrough, introducing the most cutting-edge modern technologies into a world that has not changed for years," says Aviv Ron, VP Business Development and Strategy at Kramer.

"The difference is in the architecture and extensive cloud leveraging, which translates to value for both the user and installer – from the ease of use in the build and admin functions and end-user experience in a room to data capture and analytics reporting."

iRule originally targeted consumers but now focuses on companies and large institutions such as hospitals and universities. Presumably Kramer aided in that shift. One major customer is CNN in New York and another is Best Buy’s corporate headquarters as well as the company’s Magnolia showrooms.

Kramer’s acquisition also includes the subsidiary division, ON Controls, which offers products and services dedicated specifically for residential integrators.

Co-founders Itai Ben-Gal (CEO) and Victor Nemirovsky (CTO) will remain with the company along with the sales and engineering teams at iRule, in their downtown Detroit headquarters. Ben-Gal and Nemirovsky, both automotive engineers, founded iRule in 2009 as a way to manage home entertainment systems instead of relying on a tableful of remote controls.

In 2011, they raised a seed round of $500,000 and two subsequent funding rounds totaling $3.6 million. That includes (January 2015) when Kramer led an investment round of $2.5 million in iRule and became the company's major distributor.

No financial details of the acquisition were mentioned officially.

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