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JOAN, the ePaper Meeting Room Solution

Jasna Klemenc Puntar

JOAN is the first ePaper solution for meeting rooms and has already won a Red Dot design award. While JOAN is all about improving office productivity, most buyers focus on the energy-savings and the pricing. Meanwhile the installers point to the wireless operation, the easy-to-mount system (even works for glass doors). We interviewed Jasna Klemenc Puntar, Product Manager for Joan, Meeting Room Assistant…

It now seems like there are a lot of meeting room solutions out there...where does JOAN fit in?

Joan is perfect for glass walls and huddle rooms. Since electronic paper is very power efficient and it connects to the calendars via wi fi, Joan does not need any cables. Elegant and cost-effective, Joan can be installed very quickly in any office.

Installing JOAN

How did you come to develop JOAN?

Our company, Visionect, started to develop a platform to manage electronic paper signage nearly a decade ago. Now we are a world market leader in energy efficient signage. Joan has been initially developed as a showcase to present electronic paper technology that anybody could relate to. After launching the mini web site with a prototype we got so many inquiries by global customers that we decided to go into full production. We invited all interested customers to our Early Adopter Program and they helped us to shape and define the product further. Customer input was invaluable in developing Joan, especially that of Joan’s early adopters, including some of the largest corporations in the world such as Microsoft, Hyundai, Greenpeace, Dreamworks, The Huffington Post and Dell.

How has the market received JOAN?

JOAN has been greatly received by the market due to its simplicity and feature set. Electronic paper offers paper sharp visibility and it’s “no glare” characteristics makes it perfect for office environments. This product complements the portfolio of distributors and resellers already selling AV into huddle rooms.


Booking on the spot has been the most used feature on JOAN devices what clearly shows that is used a lot for impromptu meetings in huddle rooms. We are also constantly adding new languages based on the market needs and reseller input. Joan currently supports almost 20 local languages. We just added Islandic and Czech and we can add new ones in a matter of days.

After starting with early adopters in 2015, we officially launched JOAN in March 2016 and completed end of 2016 with thousands of users. In end of 2016 we assigned distributors for DACH and Poland - Weyel Distribution and Vidis respectively. We are in final negotiations for UK and Ireland, Netherlands and Portugal, And opening North America with a well-known value added AV distributor in the first quarter of 2017. JOAN can gain traction immediately after placed on the market due to its value proposition, price and energy-savings.

What will you bring new to ISE 2017?

Besides Joan 6” collection – Joan Assistant, Joan Manager and Joan Executive-- we will be showing also the JOAN 9.7 device with larger screen (without touch) and a 6-month battery life. We will be welcoming new partners to join our Partner Program.

Go Joan at ISE 2017