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RMG Networks Launches Korbyt

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RMG Networks Launches Korbyt
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RMG Networks launches an advanced enterprise Content Management System (CMS) platform, Korbyt.

RMG designed and built this new CMS platform from their own experience serving the Fortune 100 and FTSE 100: that’s why the company says Korbyt offers a range of unique core features that make it "the most flexible and adaptable digital signage solution available in the market."

Korbyt screen

The platform is built from the perspective of the user’s challenges, preferences and objectives based on research on what CMS users are (or are not) looking for in the perfect CMS platform.

The idea is that Korbyt (with a modern flexible architecture) sets itself apart from other platforms by tailoring itself to the user’s needs. The new Channel Director in Europe for RMG Networks, Justin Peyton, will be looking for partners for the platform.

Korbyt is available as standard or premium enterprise version. Korbyt is also available as a cloud SaaS or on-premise solution so the partners can target any size of organisation and usage pattern, from small to medium size as well as large organisations.

The platform supports the most popular web technologies (including HTML5 and CSS) and runs JavaScript (works with any JavaScript-based technology).

The company emphasizes how important it is for users to be able to create/produce content once-- and then publish it on a large number of different types of end points, regardless of time and location. Especially of interest is Korbyt's ability to bring different types of content to mobile devices. Korbyt provides mobile applications for both iOS and Android mobile operating systems, allowing administrators to target and reach their audience wherever they are, regardless of device. These applications will consume Korbyt-generated content, messages and notifications managed by Korbyt’s mobile CMS module. Korbyt works with Windows, Linux, Android, Tizen, Chrome... and others.

Korbyt customization

Korbyt's goal is to be the most intuitive, straightforward, easy and enabling CMS to operate: and Korbyt does let users create a playlist in as few as 5 steps, a lot faster than many other digital signage CMS platforms.

The Korbyt user interface can be customized by the client. It also provides users with advanced tools for custom application development and data integrations developed by the RMG professional services and design teams. Korbyt can connect to a very wide range of third party systems and platforms.

Built on a new data graphing engine, Korbyt Data Adapters support simple and complex data integrations.

Korbyt is able to collect, aggregate, structure, store, and dynamically display huge content and data sets from many different disparate sources in unified and actionable visuals. In the new era for Big Data, Korbyt lets users target their customers based on logical metadata, analytics, and user/viewer behaviors in real-time or near-real-time.

Users can remotely monitor, update, and control the media player hardware. Via intelligent system monitoring and optimisation features, Korbyt boosts a network’s ecosystem’s efficiency and usability, avoiding and reducing any down-time and optimising output quality and performance. Korbyt provides 24/7 around the globe with its own support offices in the United States, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Korbyt features

For even a very large number of users, RMG can custom configure specific user roles to provide 100% fit between the user structure and the organisation's objectives and working processes. Administrators are given the right set of tools to guarantee smooth and correct message delivery at all times.

Speaking about the launch, Robert Michelson, President and Chief Executive Officer of RMG says “The launch of Korbyt marks a step forward when it comes to managing a digital signage network as you can publish and manage content on just about any platform. With the digital signage industry evolving so rapidly, and new technology providing organisations with new ways to speak to whoever is consuming its content, it’s important organisations feel empowered in terms of how they manage that communication. Being highly adaptable and making it easy to share content across multiple platforms we’re confident that Korbyt will prove to be invaluable to organisations.”

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