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Google's New Meeting Room Hardware

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Google  brings out hardware for Hangouts Meet--the Google Hangouts designed for the workplace. It's a kit with four components: a touchscreen controller, speaker mic, 4K sensor camera and ASUS Chromebox.

Hardware for Hangouts Meet

This hardware kit is priced at $1999 and is available in select markets around the globe beginning today.

With Hangouts Meet hardware, Google hopes to make it easier to bring the power of their G Suite software tools into team meetings.

Designed by Google, the Hangouts Meet speaker mic actively eliminates echo and background noise. Up to 5 speaker mics can be daisy-chained together with a single wire, providing coverage for larger rooms without tabletop clutter.

The 4K sensor camera with 120° field of view captures everyone at the table, even in small spaces. Each camera component, says Google, is "fine-tuned" to make meetings more personal and distraction-free. Built with machine learning, the camera can intelligently detect participants and automatically crop and zoom to frame them.

The new controller provides a modern, intuitive touchscreen interface that allows people to easily join scheduled events from Calendar or view meeting details with a single tap. You can pin and mute team members, as well as control the camera, making managing meetings easy. You can also add participants with the dial-a-phone feature and present from a laptop via HDMI. If you’re a G Suite Enterprise edition customer, you can record the meeting to Drive.

Powered by Chrome OS, the ASUS Chromebox can automatically push updates to other components in the hardware kit, making it easier for large organizations to ensure security and reliability. Remote device monitoring and management make it easy for IT/AV administrators to stay in control, too.

The software updates to Meet? If you’re a G Suite Enterprise edition customer, you can:

  • Dial in image Hangouts Meet
  • Record meetings and save them to Drive. Can’t make the meeting? No problem. Record your meeting directly to Drive. Even without a Hangouts Meet hardware kit, Meet on web can save your team’s ideas with a couple of clicks.
  • Host meetings with up to 50 participants. Meet supports up to 50 participants in a meeting, especially useful for bringing global teams together from both inside and outside of your organization.
  • Dial in from around the globe. The dial-in feature in Meet is now available in more than a dozen markets. If you board a flight in one country and land in another, Meet will automatically update your meeting’s dial-in listing to a local phone number.

Go Google Hardware for Hangouts Meet