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Roku Into Multi-Room Audio?


Shhh….Roku quietly “acquired” Danish audio startup Dynastrom for $3.5 million in September according to a regulatory filing spotted only this month by Variety magazine in USA..

The filling doesn't exactly mention Dynastrom by name but Variety investigated LinkedIn and found several Dynastrom employees, including its CTO and CEO, had joined Roku back in September.

The filing says acquisition aims to "enhance the company’s player product offering." a Roku could be jumping into intelligent multi-room home audio in the not too distant future….

Dynastrom makes hardware-agnostic AROS™ software that can be integrated into loudspeaker hardware in order to stream music throughout the house over standard wi-fi.

(Variety earlier reported Roku was already working on far-field voice control — a feature found on voice-controlled smart speakers like the Amazon Echo — and was busy hiring staff into a “center of audio excellence.”)

Roku's IPO this September valued the company at $2 billion. Roku has hit the big time and could be having big dreams of whole house audio and video.