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Facebook Chats Up Enterprises

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Facebook tests a new B2B service: With Messenger Broadcast, businesses design a welcome message, message title and subtitle, and include a call to action to the user such as visiting the business’ website, prompting a Messenger bot or tapping to send a preset reply written by the business. Companies can preview their message within the Messenger Broadcast interface or on Messenger itself.

The Facebook Messenger team, with 1.3 billion-user chat app platform, also recently introduced a customer chat tool for businesses.

With their 2.2 release, Messenger connects businesses and their customers in new ways while offering a familiar chat experience. Businesses can offer a live chat widget, similar to the likes of Intercom, so that customers can reach out with any questions. These conversations are said to have the ability to continue across all devices using advanced syncing technology.

At launch, there were a few beta partners that will be implementing the customer chat plugin like Adore Me, Air France, Total Activation, Volaris and more--but the rest of us have to sit on a waitlist until the plugin becomes widely available.

Facebook's enterprise collaboration tool, Workplace, was revealed to have been adopted by more than 30,000 organisations since its launch in 2016. The rapid growth for the tool – the number is 2X that of just six months earlier – has shut up critics who thought a consumer-focused social media company couldn't deal with the enterprise space.

Customers include Starbucks, Walmart, Spotify, Lyft, and more. With a recent launch of dedicated apps, we can only imagine their continued overall growth in the next (their second) year. Especially since the learning curve to use Workplace is minimal.

The burning question: Will Facebook's success with Workplace mean the company will begin a larger transition into enterprise?

The new app seems to confirm the trend that could bring the social media giant into competition with other high tech giants.

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