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Call for Tender: Video/Audio/Maintenance/Services and Acquisitions for Meeting Rooms

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The European Food Safety Authority (based in Italy) is looking for tender applications for a wide range of information technology solutions (hardware, software and services.


The EFSA model works on the basis of collaboration, openness and innovation, with its scientific work relying upon collaboration amongst experts, member states, EU Commission, other international bodies and EU citizens.

EFSA makes a large use of meeting rooms and tele-meetings to ensure effective and efficient interaction among their stakeholders. You’ll have to look at the official Tender documents for all the details, but we can share a few highlights…

Their tender looks for the following for their office in Parma, Italy:

  • New hardware and software, mostly dedicated to the underpinning services of the unified communications, audio, video conferencing and meeting rooms
  • Consultancy services (including installation and configuration of products and trainings)
  • Maintenance services for the newly acquired products and takeover of the existing maintenances
  • Supply of add-ons and upgrades to equipment already in use prior to the entry into force of the FrameWork Contract or to equipment purchased under this FWC
  • Simple contract administration and management (quotation, ordering, order tracking, delivery, reporting, etc.), through a single source channel for new acquisitions and related services
  • An acquisition system that permits the choice/purchase of “best-of-breed” systems in a highly dynamic IT market

The tenderer must have the following economic and financial capacity to perform the contract—in fact, the tenderer must have generated an overall annual turnover of at least 800.000 € in each of the last closed financial years (2016 and 2015).

EFSA Building

Meeting Rooms Maintenance category of the tender requires maintenance and support services relevant to the environment of meeting rooms, audio/video conferencing systems and multimedia equipment used in EFSA.

EFSA Building

Another requirement asks for a list of a minimum of three major projects relevant to this contract carried out in the course of the past 3 years and a list of a minimum three companies to which the tenderer has supplied such a wide spectrum of hardware and software products during the past 3 years.

As we said, there are more details and requirements so read the official Tender very closely but it looks like a big job looking for some professionals to step up.

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