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Good Help is Hard to Find… So Keeping Employees is Important

23 August 2007 | Chuck Wilson | Feature
By Chuck Wilson, NSCA Executive Director The dot-com bubble produced a number of, at the time, innovative approaches to creating a productive work culture. Valued high-tech workers were provided with practically anything an employee Continue reading...

“Top Opportunity” List from Projection Summit

15 August 2007 | Chris Chinnock | Feature
“Top Opportunity” List from Projection Summit By Chris Chinnock President, Insight Media While there is concern about consumer rear-projection TVs, the professional side of the projection business is quite healthy.  That was the consensus of analysts from Techno Systems Research, Continue reading...

Adapt’s Daring Custom Install Franchise Scheme

08 August 2007 | Philip Gallagher | Feature
Adapt’s Daring Custom Install Franchise Scheme by Philip Gallagher  Christopher DahlSuppose instead of just building your installer business in your local area you thought big – really, really big. How about going pan-European with a 200-outlet brand? And then spreading the Continue reading...

10 Reasons to Attend the Manufacturer's Forum at InfoComm

30 July 2007 | Gary Kayye | Feature
10 Reasons to Attend the Manufacturer's Forum at InfoCommby Gary Kayye, CTS 10. Just look at the panelists. Heck, just having Andrew Edwards, founder of Extron, and George Feldstein, founder of Crestron, on the panel together is reason in itself to go.9. I think I will sit George and Andrew next to each other. Continue reading...

Cash Flow: Likely The Biggest Issue Facing Your Business

30 July 2007 | Chuck Wilson | Feature
Cash Flow: Likely The Biggest Issue Facing Your BusinessBy Chuck Wilson, NSCA Executive DirectorChuck Wilson In the systems integration business, we seem to spend an inordinate amount of our time focused on technology. This is only natural; true passion for technology is what led many of us to pursue this Continue reading...

Thinking of Replacing a Projector Lamp? The Great Lamp Controversy

10 July 2007 | Bob Snyder | Feature
Thinking of Replacing a Projector Lamp? The Great Lamp ControversyWith projector prices at rock bottom, no wonder our industry attention shifts to the higher margin issue of lamp replacement for projectors.Replacement lamps were once a domain reserved for the kings of projectors, the original manufacturers. And these Continue reading...

The Top 10 Pro AV Myths!

16 May 2007 | Brian E. Huff | Feature
The Top 10 Pro AV Myths!by Brian E. Huff, CTS-DAfter you’ve been in the Pro AV business for awhile, you start to recognize certain project approaches that have a recognizable and uncomfortable ring. They often sound logical and reasonable in casual conversation. But some ar Continue reading...

Hollywood’s “Secret Plan” for Europe?

19 April 2007 | Bob Snyder | Feature
Hollywood’s “Secret Plan” for Europe?Electronic Frontier Foundation says Hollywood studios want to take control of digital television in Europe. In the EFF release, named “American Studios' Secret Plan to Lock Down European TV Devices,” EFF tells how U.S. movie and television Continue reading...

Track This

21 March 2007 | Gary Kayye | Feature
Track Thisby Gary Kayye, CTSAs we know, theft is one of, if not THE, biggest expense for many businesses. But there is a technology that is gaining popularity that could prove more effective than any other method. Right now, RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) Continue reading...

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