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Niveo: Networking With You in Mind

30 November 2011 | Bob Snyder | Feature
Niveo: Networking With You in MindIn AV, it's all about the network these days. Yet now that we are ready to engage the digital shift to networked video, it's clear the network infrastructure isn't prepared with video in mind. We need internet access, WLANs, routers, network storage, Continue reading...

Feeding the Digital Signage Monster

16 November 2011 | Jeff Porter | Feature
Feeding the Digital Signage Monster By Jeff Porter, Executive VP of Scala, Inc. So you're going ahead with your digital signage network. That's great. Now what? How do you make sure that you don't go bankrupt in the process? What? I've already financed the hardware. Surely that' Continue reading...

Power Protection: What’s Up in UPS?

13 November 2011 | Bob Snyder | Feature
Power Protection: What’s Up in UPS? What’s new in UPS, you ask? OK, you didn't ask because you don’t think anything really new is going on in a boring category like uninterruptible power supplies. Isn’t it a mature market with a few behemoths locking up the business? Yes... and Continue reading...

Happy Halloween… iPad Horror

01 November 2011 | Bob Snyder | Feature
Happy Halloween… iPad Horror Happy Halloween… it’s iPad Horror with German magician Simon Pierro. Watch as he shows you some tricks with a display that you might want to save for your next sales presentation…. Trick or treat. You decide, but we think it’s both… Watch Continue reading...

It's a Wrap!

05 August 2011 | Gary Kayye | Feature
It's a Wrap! With this issue of rAVe, we draw to a close our review of the 2011 version of InfoComm. And, I couldn’t be more proud of my team here at rAVe Publications and rAVe NOW. Not only did they shoot more than 1000 new product videos last month while down in Orlando for InfoComm, but according to DailyDOOH, we tweeted about more InfoComm products and people than anyone else at the show. Continue reading...

Networked Safety

22 July 2011 | Graeme Harrison | Feature
Networked SafetyGraeme Harrison, Vice President, International Sales at Biamp Systems, talks about the issues of delivering voice evacuation in a de-centralised environment... We all remember the days of the school fire drill. An incessant ringing filled our Continue reading...

Different Shades of Green

21 July 2011 | Bob Snyder | Feature
Different Shades of Green It’s time to expose Green for what it is. Like in real life, “green” comes in many shades. You’ve probably noticed these days how your hotel plays a Green card to trump its guests. A placard placed strategically in your hotel bathroom might read: “W Continue reading...

Getting Started In DS: Part 2. The Creative Challenge

10 May 2011 | Lee Distad | Feature
Getting Started In DS: Part 2. The Creative Challengeby Lee Distad, rAVe Columnist This is the second part in a series about getting started in digital signage for ProAV dealers. Read the first part on our website here. In our initial installment, we began by discussing some of the technical considerations, Continue reading...

Plundering the Resources of Other Fields

03 May 2011 | Alastair Dryburgh | Feature
Plundering the Resources of Other Fields"No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."
Albert Einstein Or, if you prefer, if you can't solve a problem in management using ideas from management, try some other discipline. Recently I have found Continue reading...

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