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Growing our Acronomy

27 April 2011 | Joel Rollins | Feature
Growing our AcronomyWe're in for a shortage, folks, and it's going to hit our industry hard. I'm not talking about oil (after all, the latest almost-obsolete Blu-ray player can be delivered by wheelbarrow if necessary). I don't mean glossy business cards, Maglites, or Starbucks, Continue reading...

Finish the Job You Started

20 April 2011 | Chuck Wilson | Feature
Finish the Job You StartedI’m not exactly sure what’s driving this, but I’ve spoken with dozens of companies since the Business & Leadership Conference about doing profitable work and avoiding the profit-killers on jobs. Certainly, we set the stage for reduced profit (or none a Continue reading...

Sit Down for This One…the Zody

11 April 2011 | Bob Snyder | Feature
Sit Down for This One…the Zody Some of us go out and install but the rest of us that support the installer organization are confined most of the day to our chairs as programmers, techies, service folks, administrators, accounts and the like. For many people, a day at the office means hours of sitting, sitting and more sitting. All that sit-down time makes your body stiff, painful or at least very uncomfortable—and defeats the purpose of an office chair (to allow you to concentrate on your work). Doctors think one of the biggest causes of office discomfort and pain could be your friend, the chair. To design a better chair, researchers studied how volunteers sit while doing a task. Then while adjusting supports on the low back, pressure points mapped out to show an individual’s need for back support. Continue reading...

How to Get Started in Digital Signage: Part 1

31 March 2011 | Lee Distad | Feature
How to Get Started in Digital Signage: Part 1For ProAV integrators, digital signage may not be the Last Frontier, but it is certainly the next one. At the same time it can be seen as a battleground between rival companies and channels (such as IT) that have already gone after the market, and other Continue reading...

Generation Y (And Z)

28 March 2011 | Gary Kayye | Feature
Generation Y (And Z)If you think it was tough getting old people in your company to adopt new technology, wait until you see how tough it will be for YOU to employ new talent. Generation Y is entering the workforce and they grew up not just playing video games, but mastering Continue reading...

The Buck Stops Here: The Next Big Thing for 2011

16 March 2011 | Chuck Wilson | Feature
The Buck Stops Here: The Next Big Thing for 2011 If I could suggest just one thing for 2011, it would be to make sure your staff understands how video traffic works on the network and the business opportunities this could bring you. I carefully considered this suggestion over a couple others such Continue reading...

Untying that Complicated Knot Known as Hollywood

27 January 2011 | Bob Snyder | Feature
Untying that Complicated Knot Known as HollywoodIn legend, the world's most famous knot was "untied" as Alexander the Great (out of either frustration or perspicacity) reached for his sword and in one swift stroke cut through the frustration of the famed Gordian knot. He ended up acclaimed as a hero. Continue reading...

Kayye's Krystal Ball: How Did Gary Do in 2010?

26 January 2011 | Gary Kayye | Feature
Kayye's Krystal Ball: How Did Gary Do in 2010?I simply cannot believe that I’ve been writing this for 12 straight years! I spent more than five weeks on this particular version of my annual Kayye’s Krystal Ball feature article due to the fact that the continued economic issues that have plagued our Continue reading...

Kayye's Krystal Ball 2011

26 January 2011 | Gary Kayye | Feature
Kayye's Krystal Ball 2011Each year AV visionary Gary Kayye summarizes his thoughts regarding the coming year with his AV industry predictions known collectively as Kayye's Krystal Ball... How did Gary do with his 2010 Projections? Check it out here. And now...Kayye's Krystal Continue reading...

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