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AV and Architects: What Architects Are Saying

15 January 2010 | Linda Seid Frembes | Business Management & Tools
AV and Architects: What Architects Are Saying  Linda Seid Frembes, rAVe Columnist   I often hear complaints about architects when talking to AV folks about a project. It seems like the rants are universal no matter whether it's a new construction install or a renovation. Inevitably Continue reading...

Will Consult for Coffee

25 October 2009 | Alastair Dryburgh | Business Management & Tools
Will Consult for Coffeeby Alastair Dryburgh   This isn't about coffee, it's about the difference between strategy and tactics. I have a little game going with the man who runs the coffee stall outside my office. The first time I went there, we talked for a few minutes Continue reading...

Are You Selling All Your Services?

28 August 2009 | Gary Kayye | Business Management & Tools
Are You Selling All Your Services? I've written columns in the past decreeing (more like begging) the virtues of selling services over selling gear. There's been one on selling design services – sort of like design consultants do for big clients and big systems out there. There's be Continue reading...

The Top 10 Pro AV Myths!

16 May 2007 | Brian E. Huff | Business Management & Tools
by Brian E. Huff, CTS-D After you’ve been in the Pro AV business for awhile, you start to recognize certain project approaches that have a recognizable and uncomfortable ring. They often sound logical and reasonable in casual conversation. But so Continue reading...

What's Your Business Position?

27 February 2007 | Bob Snyder | Business Management & Tools
         Copyright by The Distribution Channel Ltd. “A map is not a Territory, only the representation of the Territory.”"To Here…From Here.” When profits slide, some managers Continue reading...

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