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Facted to Death at Infocomm15

22 June 2015 | Simon Dudley | Feature
 Facted to Death at Infocomm15by Simon Dudley, Chief Contrarian of Excession Events Infocomm15 where were all the stories? The big story of Infocomm15? There weren’t any stories. I’ve just returned from a great week at Infocomm15 in Orlando Fl. There were an amazing range of Continue reading...

Monitors Join The (Video) Revolution

24 May 2015 | Bob Snyder | Feature
Monitors Join The (Video) RevolutionViewSonic designs a 24’’ Full HD integrated webcam LED monitor around the corporate and personal use of the latest videoconferencing and collaboration solutions. It’s about time somebody reinvented the desktop monitor. After all, for years, we have in Continue reading...

At the End of the Rainbow: Security

19 January 2015 | Bob Snyder | Feature
At the End of the Rainbow: Security What does a rainbow have in common with the AV business? You might make several analogies but the image I am looking for is the palette of colurs. Just like a rainbow displays bands of different colours, we are not all alike-- no matter how much Continue reading...

HP "Sprout" to Change PCs Forever

03 December 2014 | Bob Snyder | Feature
 HP When Hewlett-Packard decided to split in two — one company devoted to PCs and printing, the other to enterprise IT — CEO Meg Whitman said the PC side would explore a "new computing experiences."Now we know that starts with an HP product called Sprout Continue reading...

What is the Best Touch Technology for a 4K Display?

03 December 2014 | Anthony Uhrick | Feature
What is the Best Touch Technology for a 4K Display?by Anthony Uhrick, PQ LabsThe Ultra HD displays are an impressive work of technical achievement. Unlike other attempts by display manufacturers to jump start lagging sales with new features, the Ultra HD displays appear to be here to stay and there Continue reading...

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